Download: Top 10 Free To Do's for Team Health

These two pages are especially helpful for EDs or HR folks to consider how they can make their team happier, healthier and wiser without spending a lot of new bucks. Feedback appreciated! Send us your free To Do's too. 

What Free Things Can We Do?

Does Your Office Support All Team Members for Success?

  • Schedule work-time more flexibly.
  • Increase vacation. Close the office.

(Want more details and examples? Download the pdf, above)

Review what's covered & Get free advice

  • Review health care policies to see what’s covered.
  • Bring financial folks back for free advice. 

Trickle-down well-being

  • Support managers’ well-being; they will share the love.
  • Drop the dress code a notch.

Switch up how things're done (download PDF for deets)

  • Shift the staff meeting. 
  • Set up DIY-PD (do-it-yourself-professional-development).
  • Create affinity groups/discussion groups for articles/books/talks.

Support healthy commuting

This rant isn't on the downloadable form, but there are many free and cheap things employers can do to encourage healthier commuting. 

Like flexible scheduling for running/biking/skating commuters, like equalizing parking/metro/bike benefits, like communicating that it's okay to run or even to run errands on an extended lunch break. 


Create a wellness committee. Better yet, give them a budget. 

Keep in Touch

What do you do to boost team health?

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