Download: Top 10 Free To Do's for Team Health

These two pages are helpful for considering how to make teams happier, healthier and wiser without spending a lot of new bucks. 

Feedback appreciated! Send us your free To Do's, too. 

What Free Things Can We Do?

Does Your Office Support All Team Members for Success?

  • Schedule work-time more flexibly.
  • Increase vacation. Close the office.

(Want more details and examples? Download the pdf, above)

Review what's covered & Get free advice

  • Review health care policies to see what’s covered.
  • Bring financial folks back for free advice. 

Trickle-down well-being

  • Support managers’ well-being; they will share the love.
  • Drop the dress code a notch.

Switch up how things're done (download PDF for deets)

  • Shift the staff meeting. 
  • Set up DIY-PD (do-it-yourself-professional-development).
  • Create affinity groups/discussion groups for articles/books/talks.

Support healthy commuting

This rant isn't on the downloadable form, but there are many free and cheap things employers can do to encourage healthier commuting. 

Like flexible scheduling for running/biking/skating commuters, like equalizing parking/metro/bike benefits, like communicating that it's okay to run or even to run errands on an extended lunch break. 


Create a wellness committee. Better yet, give them a budget. 

Keep in Touch

What do you do to boost team health?

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