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Depression, Addiction

Finances, Productivity

Creativity & Play

  • 9 TED talks on the Importance of Play
  • "Creativity, Spirituality and Liberation" MAG blog
  • Playworks founder Jill Vialet on "The Power of Play"
  • Five Rhythms, expressive dance and movement
  • Interactive Comics
  • "Adult coloring books. Seriously."
  • "When I really need to decompress, I knit"
  • "I've really immersed myself in photography as a creative outlet. Lots of great YouTube channels, including Thomas Heston, Peter McKinnon, and PhotoRec TV."
  • "I like using karaoke apps when I'm feeling especially stressed."
  • "I recommend checking out Tony's Acoustic Challenge for anyone who wants to take up or brush up their acoustic guitar-playing...daily video lessons and a positive online community."

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

-- Abraham Maslow