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PILOT PROJECT On Wellness Benefits

Starting in August 2018, selected individual (and teams of) employees will receive hundreds of dollars worth of “Wellness benefits,” part of a pilot project studying burnout prevention and nonprofit retention. Apply bit.ly/Nonprofit-Wellness-Pilot

Leadership Sweet Spot

You can create an organizational and leadership "sweet spot" where physical, mental and team health converge.

Your (Team's) Last Untapped Potential

All the latest behavioral science and neuroscience points to balanced well-being as crucial to productivity and leadership. Great reads: The Happy Healthy Nonprofit (Kanter, Sherman) and Grounded (Rosen).

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Consulting & Coaching

Whether it's diversifying fundraising, demystifying team building or preventing burnout, Susan's coaching is grounded in three decades of experience. 

Take Five: Brain Breaks

This interactive workshop shows how taking a 5-minute personal recess increases your resilience, productivity, and joy. Great for a brown bag lunch or staff retreat. 

Tools for Well-being

Burnout prevention survey respondents (Dec 2017) sent in great self-care resources. Check out motivational and practical tools for physical activity, mental health and team building. 

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"Who you are drives what you do"

-- Bob Rosen, author of Grounded: How Leaders Stay Rooted in an Uncertain World"

Comfort Consulting

Takoma Park, Maryland, United States

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"The cure for anything is salt water...tears, sweat or the sea."

— Isak Dinesen [Karen Blixen]