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Immune Boosters: resising #coronavirus

Gabby, Tyecia and Susan give examples of the things THEY are trying to boost their immunity during the COVID19 crisis. You can download the summary (in English or Spanish) on the "Links" tab.

Wellness Webinar KUDOS

I’ve been attending your Tuesday webinars and have been loving them. My team and I are in charge of promoting wellness and self/team-care across our campus and one of our biggest goals is trying to get people to take a break! Tuesday’s #TakeFive was right on point and gave me a lot of ideas to promote with our staff. (Upper Peninsula, MI) 

"Great advice/ideas/suggestions/coaching. Appreciate your research and attention to detail."  (Chicago, IL)


Need Health? Which kind?

Red, Blue or Purple?

Talking about physical and mental health creates stronger team dynamics. All of these talks are interactive, and they're always different, because lots of the content comes from folks who participate. Fully online-friendly, these talks are customized with activities for small teams (under 20 in Zoom Meeting mode) or large groups (Zoom Webinar mode).  

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A buncha webinars are available (YouTube)

Need more support nurturing physical, mental, and team health at work? Various (free) webinars are now on our YouTube. channel. Most of them are 40 minutes or less, with helpful tips/tools to take back to your team. We added a few 10-minute workouts to spice up your day and juice up your body/brain breaks. 


PILOT Research On Wellness Benefits

Right now, we are writing an evaluation of a 60-person Pilot program on physical, mental, and team health at DC nonprofits. The project is led by Comfort Consulting, under the Nonprofit Wellness umbrella, which has a fund at the Greater Washington Community Foundation. 

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Podcasts featuring Susan on Burnout

Listen to this podcast interview with host Jakub Górnicki and Susan Comfort. Susan was the only American trainer at Megaphone2018, a TechSoup Europe conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for Eastern European activists. Her topic? Self-Care in Community, mixing individual and team burnout prevention strategies.  And here are Susan and Mo Abdullah talking about team-care and remote-culture building on the Nonprofit Radio program.


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Now you can "gift" a Comfort Consulting talk to your favorite school, nonprofit group, or corporate office. We'll contact the recipient with the news that a talk has been paid for; they choose topic and schedule. Check the "Services" tab for more info about talk topics.

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"The cure for anything is salt water...tears, sweat or the sea."

— Isak Dinesen [Karen Blixen]


“We need to learn how to practice love such that care -- for ourselves and others -- is understood as political resistance and cultivating resilience.”  

-- adrienne maree brown