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Well-being @Work (especially for fundraisers)

How does your workplace support physical, mental, and team health? It's not just about self-care, y'all, it's about team-care. Here are 10 no-cost things your office can do right away and a consulting menu to dive deeper. We've also crowd-sourced these resources for your journey. Comfort Consulting especially likes working with fundraising/sales teams, who are stressed-out, always on deadline and highly-poach-able. If you keep revenue-raisers healthy and productive, the whole organization benefits.


PILOT Research On Wellness Benefits

Right now, across the D.C. area, 60 stressed-out nonprofit employees are putting various physical and mental and team health tools to the test. It's a pilot project, led by Comfort Consulting, studying burnout prevention, change readiness and team health. 

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Burnout: A Global Phenomenon

Susan Comfort was the only American trainer invited to give a workshop at Megaphone2018, a TechSoup Europe conference in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for Eastern European activists. The topic? Self-Care in Community, mixing individual and team burnout prevention strategies from Susan's consulting toolbox. At left, recording this podcast interview with host Jakub Górnicki.

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Consulting & Coaching

Susan's nonprofit management, fundraising and team-building advice rests on three decades of real-world experience. All staff, especially HR folks, need fresh tools, activities, and approaches to mental health @work. 


Take Five & 7 Stress Solutions Talks

These interactive workshops focus on brain science and increasing your teams' resilience, productivity, and joy. Great for brown bag lunches, conferences, or staff retreats.

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Make More Money

Your fundraising & sales teams can't burn out. Susan's 25 years of revenue-generation will inform strategy, tactics, well-being, and team-building so your money folks are happy and healthy.

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"The cure for anything is salt water...tears, sweat or the sea."

— Isak Dinesen [Karen Blixen]